TOFU Attack: Your registration flow is a breach waiting to happen... (March 12, 2021)
data security privacy registration tofu tofu attack paseto

CyberAlarm: Testing the "production version"... and why you should avoid it. (December 2, 2020)
cyberalarm npcc police security pervade pervade-software vulnerable rce tls

CyberAlarm: An independent security review... and why you should avoid it. (November 24, 2020)
cyberalarm police security vulnerability pervade pervade software SME

SafeBuy: Can you trust a trustmark? (October 6, 2017)
xss security passwords breach data safebuy trustmark

Kervball: The Kerv ring data breach... (June 23, 2017)
security privacy breach data ico kerv insider threat

Don't let them paste passwords... (February 18, 2017)
2fa multi-factor authentication biometrics security passwords paste disable paste password managers

Bank & Mobile Network Security: For want of a nail... (May 2, 2016)
banking security breach xss csrf security headers mobile network 2fa 2sv two factor authentication two step verification theft sms halifax freedompop lloyds banking group

EveryKey Revisited: Military grade? Give me a break. (April 8, 2016)
everykey security aes crypto military grade kickstarter indiegogo everykey shipping

PwnPhone: Default passwords allow covert surveillance. (February 13, 2016)
snom cisco security privacy csrf covert surveillance voip remote control default passwords passwords authentication breach

Identity theft & payment fraud? That's ASDA price. (January 18, 2016)
csrf xss xsrf cross site request forgery cross site scripting security asda identity theft payment data

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